Youth Training Sessions

Dates: Tuesdays & Thursdays, May through November
Time: 4 pm unless otherwise posted on NRC’s Facebook page 
Cost: Free to NRC members

Whether their focus is slalom, freestyle, or river-running, NRC’s whitewater youth training sessions are for young paddlers who are committed to improving their whitewater skills. These sessions offer a consistent outlet to keep young paddlers fit and active, a supportive training group and professional coaching.

Skills: Participants build key river-running skills such as balance, stroke technique, surfing, speed and strength.

Slalom: Basic through advanced technique, speed, strength, and planning a run.
Freestyle: Surfing, move execution, rolling, balance, technique
River-running: Reading a rapid, play-as-you-go, identifying river hazards, executing a line.
Prerequisites: Must have prior paddling experience, including a confident wet-exit. Willing to try new things in flat and moving water. A whitewater roll is a plus but is not required.

Currently Available Programs

Beginner/Intermediate Slalom 

This group is for those who have done enough river running to feel comfortable in a kayak and are ready to try a new discipline of paddling. You will learn paddling fundamentals as well as the rules of slalom and slalom specific skills like pivot turns, proper edging, and many more. Practicing slalom is a guaranteed way to improve your all around paddling skills.

  • Beginner/ Intermediate Prerequisites:
    Participants must be able to consistently do class II ferries and eddy turns. Must be competent with wet-exit in class II water. Ability to roll or boat-to-boat rescue is a plus, but not required.

Advanced Slalom

This group is for those who have progressed through the beginner/ intermediate group, or who are already competent with their abilities in a slalom kayak. This group will focus on fine tuning their stoke technique, body position, and even venture into other classes like C1 (1 person canoe) to be more competitive.

  • Advanced Slalom Prerequisites:
    Participants will have to be evaluated on their skills by the advanced slalom coach to determine eligibility. Key skills would include consistent roll on class II- III whitewater, competent edging ability, and a good general understanding of the sport of slalom.

Other Programs Available Soon

We are currently seeking out regular volunteer coaches who are capable of instructing in the areas of freestyle, downriver, and general river-running. We will gladly announce the start of any new programs in our newsletter, on our social media (facebook, instagram, and twitter). If you or someone you know may be interested in building this great community of young kayakers please email


Please email before coming to your first session, or if you haven’t participated for a while to make sure there are no schedule changes.

Interested in growing your whitewater skills, looking for a friendly community of fellow paddlers, or possibly exploring the world of whitewater competition? Join Us!