Youth Athletes train at the USNWC in Charlotte, NC, with NRC coach Lee Leibfarth

USA Canoe/Kayak Regional Teams Initiative

NRC is proud to partner with the Whitewater Slalom Foundation and USA Canoe/Kayak to promote excellence and commitment in paddlesports through the Regional Teams Initiative. Youth paddlers aged 16 and under who compete in at least three designated Regional Team Qualifiers are ranked according to their age groups (U16, U14, and U12). The top two in each age group are invited to participate in a training camp with US National Team coaches and are eligible to receive a stipend of $150 to offset approved travel and racing expenses to national and international-level events, including: Junior Olympics, Age-Group Nationals, Junior Worlds, Canadian Slalom Series races or other designated races.

*While the South Atlantic region has designated a series of five Regional Team Qualifiers for 2016, the status of the USACK Regional Team Camp and stipend is currently unknown due to budget concerns. Any new information regarding these resources will be posted on this page.

2016 South Atlantic Qualifiers

In 2016, there are five Regional Team Qualifiers in the South-Atlantic region. If necessary, Qualifier #5, the May 1st NRC Slalom Series #1, will be considered a tie-breaker.

February 27NRC Glacier Breaker, Nantahala Bridge Gates, Bryson City, NC
March 6*Mulberry Fork Slalom Championships, Mulberry River, AT
March 26-27US Open, Nantahala Falls, Bryson City, NC
April 24*Citizen's Slalom @ USNWC's Tuck Fest, Charlotte, NC
May 1NRC Slalom Series #1, Nantahala Bridge Gates, Bryson City, NC

* Events are not hosted by NRC. For more information about these races, please follow the link above to the organizer’s website.

Please visit the Whitewater Slalom Foundation for more information about the Regional Teams initiative and full qualification criteria.

2016 South Atlantic Youth Regional Team

The following youth athletes qualified to the 2016 South Atlantic Youth Regional Team:

K1 Men U16K1 Men U14K1 Women U16K1 Women U12C1 Men U14
Thomas MardanyKaelin FriedensonAvery DavisEvy LeibfarthKaelin Friedenson
Wesley BolyardJason YochimSeu Jacobi

2016 South Atlantic Youth Regional Qualifier Results

NRC Glacier BreakerACRA Mullberry ForkNRC US OpenTuck Fest Citizen's SlalomNRC Slalom Series Race #1
K1 M JrK1 M JrK1 M JrK1 M Jr
Thomas MardanyU161Wesley BolyardU161Thomas MardanyU161Thomas MardanyU161
Wesley BolyardU162Miller KaderabekU162Wesley BolyardU162Kaelin FriedensonU141
Miller KaderabekU163Thomas MardanyU163Kenny HankU163Jason YochimU142
Kenny HankU164Devon ChasseU141Marcus LovingU164Justin YochimU121
Marcus LovingU165Kaelin FriedensonU142Kaelin FriedensonU141Malcolm SmithU122
Devon ChasseU141Merle LongU121Jason YochimU142Junior NetzahU123
Jason YochimU142
Kaelin FriedensonU143K1 W JrK1 W JrK1 W JrK1 W Jr
Thomas LovingU121Avery DavisU161Avery DavisU161Evy LeibfarthU121Lili BrandonU161
Seu JacobiU162Seu JacobiU162Maddie KimmelU122Evy LeibfarthU121
K1 W JrLili BrandonU163Lili BrandonU163
Seu JacobiU161Olivia McGinnisU141Erin AchatzU164
Avery DavisU162Evy LeibfarthU121Evy LeibfarthU121C1 M JrC1 M Jr
Evy LeibfarthU121Wesley BolyardU161Thomas MardanyU161
Marcus LovingU162Kaelin FriedensonU141
C1 M JrJason YochimU141Jason YochimU142
Kaelin FriedensonU141Kaelin FriedensonU142
C1 W JrC1 W JrC1 W Jr
Avery DavisU161Erin AchatzU161Evy LeibfarthU121
Evy LeibfarthU121Evy LeibfarthU121
C2 JrC2 JrC2 JrC2 Jr
Kaderabek / BolyardU161Kaderabek / BolyardU161Friedenson / BolyardU161Friedenson / Jochim, JaU141
Yochim / LovingU162Brandon / LeibfarthU161

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