The NRC board held their annual board meeting on December 6, 2013. Board elections were postponed until January 10. Elections will take place in the following manner.

  • Nominations must be emailed to by December 20. Nominations must include: First & Last Name, position for which the individual is being nominated, phone and email contact information for this individual. Any NRC member may make a nomination (or nominate his/herself) to the Board). Incomplete nominations will not be considered valid.
  • A ballot will be posted to the Election Page on December 21.
  • Voting will take place by email by January 10.
  • Results will be posted to the Election Page on January 11.

All present agreed to pursue a valuable partnership opportunity with Nantahala Outdoor Center to fund a full-time Executive Director position for the NRC.

Click here for minutes from the Annual Meeting (PDF).